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About Gurley Leep Subaru


urley Leep Subaru is located at 5302 N. Grape Rd , Mishawaka IN. on “Michiana's Hottest Corner”. Subaru joined the Gurley Leep family in 2003, Subaru is the ninth oldest dealership in the Gurley Leep Family of Dealerships. Gurley Leep Subaru is partnered with Hyundai to bring two unique brands together. Gurley Leep Subaru was awarded Subaru's Stellar Care Award in 2014. The Subaru Stellar Care Award is one of the greatest honors in the eyes of Subaru and only an elite group of Subaru retailers achieve this recognition each year. Gurley Leep Subaru employs the finest sales professionals, the best service and body shop technicians in the Michiana area.

Our Story


ubaru is a Japanese automobile manufacturer founded by Kenji Kita in 1953. Subaru is the Japanese name of the star cluster Pleiades, which is also reflected in their iconic logo containing 6 stars. All of their vehicles are known to sport the unique Subaru boxer engine. They uphold themselves to the highest standards of ethics and integrity, employ environmental practices and considerations, actively protect the environment, and support their communities. Subaru loves you.