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About Gurley Leep Cadillac


urley Leep Cadillac is located at 215 W. Douglas Rd, Mishawaka IN. Cadillac is one of Gurley Leep's oldest dealerships, opening in 1992, our Cadillac store is the third oldest dealership in the Gurley Leep Family of Dealerships. Gurley Leep Cadillac is partnered with our Buick GMC store to create a GM Superstore to serve all of Michiana. Guley Leep Cadillac employs the finest sales professionals, the best service and body shop technicians in the Michiana area.

Our Story


adillac is one of the oldest automobile brands in the world, founded by Henry Martyn Lelandin 1902 in Detroit, Michigan. It was named after the French explorer Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac, who founded Detroit, Michigan. Their iconic crest is based off of his coat of arms. From it's earliest years, Cadillac aimed for precision engineering, superior craftsmanship, and stylish luxury finishes. Its cars are ranked amongst the finest in the United States to this day. Their new philosophy ‘Dare Greatly’ embodies their bold point of view, representing a forward-looking curation of progressive culture, with a distinguished design that upholds their outstanding reputation.