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About Gurley Leep Audi


urley Leep Audi, is located at 4004 Grape Rd, Mishawaka, IN. Audi joined Gurley Leep in 1996, this is our fourth oldest dealership. Along with Mercedes and Volkswagen, Audi is part of Gurley Leep Motorwerks, Together the three brands deliver to Michiana the finest in European Imports. Gurley Leep Audi employs the finest sales professionals and the best service and body shop technicians in the Michiana area.

Our Story


udi was founded in 1910 by August Horch in Zwickau, Germany. The name is derived from the founder's surname, Horch, which translates from Latin to ‘listen’. The logo of the four interlocking rings symbolizes the union of the four preliminary car manufacturers that were merged to create the Audi that we know today. Audi aspires to stand out from other manufacturers by driving their core belief and ethos, ‘Progress through Technology’ into every facet of their vehicles. It inspires them to defy convention with intelligent and innovative technology that anticipates your needs. Audi provides you with a light and efficient luxury vehicle that defies trends, and wind itself.